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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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saturday february 1st we are asking as requested by two commissioners >> before we give it back to commissioner mcdonnell and commissioner bonilla to review and debate. i want to augment a couple of things about this first, i want to express my pronounced gratitude to commissioner bonilla and 1k34kd to we're rebounding from an off-season we almost lost of the camp to a celebration of the camps 90th anniversary. we choose a range from the practical to make sure that the lawn is in good shape and ready
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for the 90th anniversary after all the wear and tear on the fire with opportunity to respect and reflect on the camp to the interpretation active senile and delays to a some interesting new program elements we think are important to support of the diverse community. and the renovation of the barn for the usage you know from the crafts to team programs in the evening to senior programs when seniors are up in the camp it is a flexible stage. the brooks course as well there's only one brooks course in san francisco. it's a pragmatic activity we've not supported. a lot of our partners the san francisco boys and girls club
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has an amazing casino and there was areas impacted by the fire and many camps have a pragmatic area that helps develop leadership attempt and development skills. it sound scary there's a high and low course and it's impacted. we're really excited and thrilled and thankful that commissioner bonilla and commissioner mcdonnell asked us for things that could be done. i want to make one clarification camp madding arrest has supported they've not had an opportunity to formerly consider but i want that to be clear they're our partner and an
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amazing partner working together to give the noth anniversary an amazing one. to turn this around from fire recovery to enhancement we've had to move >> >> item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner harrison >> yes. i would thufl support this. >> second. >> commissioner mcdonnell and commissioner bonilla thank you for bringing this forward. we have a motion and second all in favor, say i. so moved >> we're on harvey strictly bluegrass grant. >> good afternoon. i'm lisa with the rec and park department
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i'm here to ask for a grant of 8 hundred thousand plus from the d b.a. on behalf of the harvey strictly festival for irrigation system repairs in the meadows. since nodding the bluegrass system is acknowledging a grant for the festival and this has served as a spirit to the festival and to its you founder. this was developed to differ equipment and projects that are really most needed no golden gate park for the sharon
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medicine these these it's part of the granted in nodding to upgrade the irrigation system in sharon meadows it allows it to be water added night which results in the park being able to be used more and to water savings, of course. that's particularly important. and one really nice part of this project is that full helmet hallow and shaerp has suffered from vandals and they've developed a system to make them vandal resistant. so we really feel like this is a good long-term investment in
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sharon medicine owes. the other pieces of the grant is for equipment and supplies they'll be designated for helmet hallow and the grass festival and the park will be used by all of golden gate park and this includes an over feeder which is used to quickly used for damaged turf a special tool that helps to quickly repair turf in this golden gate park. and every year the bluegrass festival it fund some new sprinkler heads and general supplies that we use in golden gate park. and don is here from the blue gastrofestival >> i'm not asking for any public comment?
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>> i'm only thanking her we have two of our staff that can speak about the equipment and the systems are important. but i want to personally thank dawn for her care to work with our operations staff to see what's the most useful and beneficial to the folks on the ground at golden gate park. we'll have keith and charley to speak >> good afternoon, commissioners. i came here today just to point out a few things some of the previous gifts the home and first name have given us one is the irrigation system upgrade and the hallow.
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actually, i'm keith robert i'm a supervisor there. a couple of weeks ago i was the gardener there so when i'm telling you guys stories people come up to me and say from experience of taking care of turf. some of the regular park yourselves actually, the comments are just amazing. billion how green it is and how about how far it looks and after each event the grass it green within a week. in previous years it would take three or four weeks we'd have to manually turn on the irrigation system. the he will man family made this grant possible to make our parks
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beautiful all want emit not only for the bluegrass festival but all days. that's the goal we want beautiful every single day for everyone. not only the thousands i have people that come to those event but for our regular people that jog or walk their dogs through there. some of the items actually all the items on here i've actually requested as a gardener not as a supervisor to help us improve the quality of our parks and i want to thank dawn holiday for helping to coordinate this. the sharon meadow thing would be a beautiful thing to have sharon meadow be able to have people come up and give charley williams the comments i've
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received about how about how far it looks and what a difference. it's been a great opportunity for us in the west end of golden gate park. we're not the most importantly in golden gate park we don't get the touching but locals every day and this is a wonderful thing. i want to thank the hell man family and dawn holiday for helping us. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm charley williams and i'm the park supervisor so far section one and sharon is in section one of the golden gate park. i can say our part of the park is highly visible by a lot of people and we have to have this
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done early it only gives a few hours this meadow is very big. in the summer we have kids playing all the time. we waste a lot of water by having to put it out the water might be out for one or two hours by having an irrigation system we'll be able to get everything water evenly and we have many activities that occur there. so it gives a gardener more time to work on his beating beat instead of just putting out
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water. that's it. >> any public comment? dawn. >> well, i'm hoping you'll take the hell man money faster some other monies. >> thank you. >> i think part of this is to see golden gate park flush not just hallow. so the part he gave to the city for the festival we'll continue working with the park and it's a joy and a part of the foil for me the entire park. we wanted to move into other parts of park so if sharon could look as good as the medicine he's it will be implicit. we encourage you to take the hell man money >> twist our arm (laughter). >> is there anyone else who wants to make any public comment
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on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion. >> so gravel moved and a second. >> moved and seconded all in favor, say i. opposed? thank you very much (clapping.) we're now on item 11 approval of the conceptual plan. >> good afternoon, commissioners. general manager beginning beggar and secretary mccarthy. i'm admitting i'm the project manager with the san francisco
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rec and park department. i'll be presenting the items in front of you today which are the following the discussion and possible action to approve resolution adapting animal negative declaration and the mitigating reporting program under the quality act. and stacey will be presenting more on this and the habitat enhancement project which includes safety improvements pump you how's and the red legged frog and snake. an approval as defined by the mist code chapter 31.
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we were here in august of last year. and the commission approved additional funding for staff resources so we can continue our planning and design effort regarding sharp park improvements. sharp park is - >> it's on. it's on >> sharp park is a 4 hundred and 17 acre park located in the city of pacific and it's owned the rec and park department it includes a remitted rifle rage and on a wetland. it has a horse stable pond northwest of the image that's
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projected now as well as the laguna in the south west that's been projected and about a thousand feet even if covert and challenge that connects the two bodies of water. the purpose is 3 fold they're all equally important but the first i'll mention is working safety. the pump house does not have a way for rec and park employees to access he pumps that are required to manage the elevation of the current water in both the laguna and pond. the section is to prohibition the infrastructure from excessive he sediment that currently is in horse stable pond and the last and role most important issue is conservatism
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of species and habitat enhancement. we have those two status species the california red legged frog and the san francisco garden a snake that requires the habitat we'll be working on. now lisa is here she can provide a little bit more of information on the species and the habitat they require if have you additional questions. and the proposed project compromises less than one acres all of sharp park in two areas one in the north with the red outline that's difficult to see see up in the northeast section of the slide and next is the
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southwest section and the majority of work is in the south west edition. the first part has to do with gulf cart realignment to get the golf cart out of the boundary of the existing wetlands so we want to get it out of the way for additional habitat for the frog. the second item we'll be doing has part of the project is a construction of a 16 hundred square feet of the per renal pond. that's included in this slide is the imply incidental it's two locations represent we're only doing one pond. the next section of work is really construction 6 steps a
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stairway and access platform and a replacement of a wooden retaining wall around the pond it has to do with worker safety when they're actually accessing the petroleums and the pump house itself. the final bit is the removal of sediment and vegetation? horse stable poland popped and the connecting pond. this is the primary issue with regard to habitat restoration by reducing the amount of vegetation we can provide more habitat for the red legged frog that requires more room to thrive. i can show you a few images of what's happened over the last 8
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years with the encroachment of the invasive species. this is an i am from 2005 and it shows open waterway the dark portion of the slide and the vegetation surroundings it. and then in 2010 you can see the vegetation is starting to evenly gulf the waterway and this is a more recent slide from last year, we pretty sure clogged up horse stable pond. this is another prospective from the 2005 image. and then again in 2011. so really the intention is to provide additional habitat for those two species and make sure they have the ability to they have in the years to come i'm going to turn it over to to
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stacey who will give you more details >> good afternoon. as the planning department prepared the negative declaration of the project that was published last year the planning department received an appeal and the planning commission considered the appeal last week antonio on january 16th and found it was adequate and approved the final negative mitigation. the mitigation monitoring report program were included within our packet for this item and to conclude my environmental report we recommend that this commission approve this for the job finding and the final m m rp under sequa and approve the sharp park infrastructure
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improvement and habitat project. we're all available for questions if you have any >> thank you. >> are you through in. we do have any public comment on this item. i'm going to call off some cards please come up (calling names) thank you. in any order go ahead >> good afternoon. i'm laura horton i'm a san francisco resident. i urge you today not to adapt the sequa finds was we told the commission this shouldn't move forward without an impact report there should be a closer look at
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the admission measures. for example, the wall and the project come with their own risks. and even if the pump the removal of the hospital stable pond will have more water flow 2340 to the petroleum and the rec and park department has affirmed this. this will have significant consequences for the water quality and the animals and none of this was considered in the negative declaration. this has significant consequences for the frog and snake
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a one-time san francisco resident. we humans are taking so much more than our space on this and get. if there's any doubt on wildlife and, yes i was googling and there is a lot of controversy about this scientists were saying it's a harmful it's not like everybody is saying it's harmful. since there's doubt it's our mortal responsibility to do everything we can. red legged frogs and snacks are in consideration of the a full eir. they were having their spaces prioritized with the red legged
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frog that would dry anti from the pumping. the wildlife is worth having share needs prioritized. a lot of those changes are about having at that gulf course and trying to, you know, make sure it's not so important so it that doesn't harm the animals too much. those changes can only happen if the animals are, you know, healthy animals survive. and finally, this is not only about the public station but i'm curious in san mateo if they need a gulf option why don't
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threatened species the ones to give way. there is another impulse course in san mateo and a business is more important than wildlife why, you know, do all those things to make sure that wildlife - but the business, you know, goes free. i mean anyway this is something to think about and i'm - thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. my name is tom bennett and -- excuse-me.. my wife and i are golfers and birders. i want to make it clear we've
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gufld with sharp park gulfers and theirs mexico trips we're not here to close the course by any means. we're here to insure or insure that the best environmental practices are employed. professionally over the last 40iers i've spent 20 years in the army and 20 years knuckling many nuclear experience and during that time i was involved and came cross several eirs and over that time i came to embrace an eir as something that informs and acknowledges good practices parishionerly before and during outside the sense of a project. the issue it lights i want to
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address is that last week at the commission meeting commissioner sugaya made a statement it caught my attention he said i'm no biophysicist but i can't incidental what an eir would show us at this point. and that's despite the fact it documents have been presented indicating that there are hazardous activity and environmentally dangerous activities and the whole purpose of an eir is to reconcile those opinions 0 that's why i'm advocating an eir. the other part deals specifically with section 2 b of the mitigation activities which
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deal essentially with the take activities authorization within the project. the project or the u.s. corp. - u.s. army core of engineers hazed not paragraphed the take off activities until they do the project can't go forward. the other part i was involved with in in my professional career was q a and q c of hazard i didn't see activities. those activities allows for continuing operations the finding continuing operations without understanding what's going on during those operations >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. just to read the
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names again (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm just here as a resident of panicking can and a member of environmental groups they're the environmental family although i don't represent them as a group but as somebody that hikes there all the time i've never seen a san francisco garden that's to beautiful. i have a lot of friends that feel the way i do. i have friends who golf and they won't golf there. they care about the environment and a city that's been a beak on its important to take the


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